4 Reasons Why You Should Exercise in Winter

Winter is here and it’s getting cold and when it’s cold it is really hard to stay motivated with our health and fitness.  We tend to eat more and we do less, we hibernate!  Whilst our overindulgence feels comforting, it can spiral into 12 weeks of avoidance and negativity.  Too many roast potatoes, too much chocolate and red wine, the need for baggier clothes.  but it’s actually during winter that getting active is even more important, and not just for your fitness.  So consider the following….  It is actually during winter that getting active is even more important and not just for your fitness, because exercise specifically answers our winter body needs.

Whether it’s the usual winter blues or the more serious SAD (Seasonal Affective Disorder) putting a gloom over the colder months, a daily workout:

  • Releases the feel-good chemical – dopamine and emotional wellbeing chemical – serotonin;
  • Helps reduce anxiety and depression while boosting wellbeing; and
  • Gives you a break from the daily grind.


There is a reason it’s called the sunshine vitamin. While there are a limited number of foods that can provide your body with vitamin D, the easiest source is from exposure of bare skin to sunlight.

During summer a short exposure of 10-15 minutes is plenty, but in winter sunshine can be harder to come by, especially when you’re huddled indoors.  That’s why it’s even more important to get outside and get moving.

So why do you need Vitamin D?  For strong bones, to grow, to absorb calcium and to keep your immune system strong.


In the colder months it is so easy to turn to comfort food, because its so satisfying and it makes us feel good, well for a little anyway.  Did you know, the average person puts on up to 4kgs during winter!  The only way to make up for those added indulgences is to increase the amount of exercise you’re doing.  Try to balance your energy in and energy out, then the shedding of clothes in spring won’t be such a shock!


Regular exercise improves your overall fitness, which can help boost your immune system; the body’s defense against infections.  Doctors have found that exercise can boost your immune system by providing a boost to the cells in your body that are assigned to attack bacteria.  These cells appear to work more slowly in people who don’t exercise than in those that do.  As a result, if you exercise, your immune system is better equipped to handle bacteria that could cause you to become sick.  This becomes particularly important in winter when colds and flu rear their ugly heads.


Come in and train with our FitLane community, we will keep you motivated, energised and warm!